About Me

Hello and welcome to Mischief, Flapjacks, Pantone and Me. I am a very girly graphic designer living in London (originally from Cheshire). I have an extreme obsession for all things beautiful and creative. Sometimes I see something so gorgeous it makes me tingle right down to my toes and I just have to share it with someone before I burst with emotion and excitement (usually my sister Zo√ę or best friend Sophi) and now I can share it with you. I love attention to detail. I am passionate about colours (Pantones), typography, books, words, magazines, photographs, food, interiors, fashion, beauty.... all things feminine and girly! 

With previous experience in several top London design agencies and 3 years as graphic designer for Mulberry, in 2006 I set up Creative Mischief my 'boutique' freelance design business. I specialise in branding and print work. My jobs range from new identities for high street brands to logo designs and stationery for small start up businesses. I also do more personalised projects such as wedding stationery and more recently canvases for the home.  My favourite part of any job is putting together a moodboard and creating that initial personality for something. Here I will keep you updated with everything creative I am doing, projects I am working on and a few of the things that inspire me along the way. 

My biggest inspiration in life is my Mum (who I sadly lost to breast cancer in 2010). She had the best outlook on life and filled her time with cooking, baking, flower arranging, making things and looking after her family. She made THE BEST flapjack in the world (it was even mentioned in her eulogy!). This blog is dedicated to her and to all the things I have been able to experience thanks to her.

Thanks for coming to visit. I hope I can make your toes tingle with inspiration too! 

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