Thursday 18 October 2012

The Fabulous Fab UK

I have to say I am really loving Fab UK at the moment, they are introducing some cool things (and emptying my bank balance!). How clever are these book hangers from Old and Cold? I love books and have a desire to display every book I've read/own much to my boyfriends horror (he hates clutter!). I wonder what he'd think if I started hanging these around the house?!
I just received my first package of MT Washi tape from them, think their packaging is really striking and loved the thank you card. For now I think I'd better stop looking or I'll be broke by Christmas!


  1. Hi Anna,
    how do they exactly hang the books?
    Looks very nice, I am just wondering what you are doing if you have like 200 books? :-)

    1. Hi Gudy, they have clips inside like bookmarks which hang over the hooks. I LOVE books, I always keep the ones I have enjoyed reading (I think it says so much about a person from the books they read so I like to have them on display....and so I feel like I am achieving something by reading them all ha ha!) and I have loads of picture books for my job as well for inspiration. At the moment they are on the few shelves we have or in piles or worse in boxes under the bed where they can't be seen!

    2. P.s. and that doesn't include all the magazines which is another story!!


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