Monday 4 February 2013

Ask Mum...Follow your dreams

January is always a difficult month for me as it marks the anniversary of losing my lovely Mum (who this blog is dedicated to), however, this year it has been a particularly challenging month in a number of ways. Towards the end of January I found myself rather lost and not knowing which way to turn. I kept thinking to myself, if only I could sit down with a cuppa and have a good chat with Mum, what advice would she have given me? This created an idea for a new column 'Ask Mum' where I will share little pearls of wisdom I find which might just help me (and you) along the way. I LOVE this one and it's certainly great advice for me right now...

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  1. What a great idea Anna : ) I love this little pearl of wisdom, it's very true too, looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Really lovely post and I love the idea too. Even the description 'little pearl of wisdom' is so nice and fitting in so well with your blog. xxxx

  3. Such a sweet dedication Anna. I hope you have resolved your troubling issues of January. If not, you know us ladies at LBG are here to support xx

  4. What a lovely idea, and it's a great advice by the way...

  5. Thanks Ladies, glad you like the idea. I have lots more to share soon :-)

  6. Hi Anna! Love the thought, totally believe it.

    And January is a tough month for your cousins too, for the same reason. I kind of sleep through it......

    Lots of love to you,


  7. I love reading blogs that share knowledge and "pearls" Really looking forward to following this one! I really like following Bri's column too
    Spring is nearly here, no more gloomy winter months xx (looking forward to hanging out at the meet up)


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