Monday 30 July 2012

Magazine Love: The Simple Things

While catching up on Twitter yesterday I came across a simply gorgeous new magazine The Simple Things due to launch in September. I think it was the logo which first caught my eye and then the beautiful photography on the cover. It speaks everything I love. I couldn't retweet it and bookmark the link fast enough!
It wasn't until today when I read Holly Becker's Decor8 post on the magazine, that I realised it is the sister magazine to Molly Makes, my most favourite magazine EVER! No wonder I fell in love with at first sight. I can't wait for the first issue! You can have a sneak peek at the taster issue here and in the meantime follow the blog here.

Images are taken from the online sampler


  1. Hi Anna,

    Yes also saw this on Decor8. Great review! Thank you.

    I've already subscribed. Looks interesting:)

  2. Totall y agree Anna-it looks fantastic-can't wait! See you soon I hope! :-)

  3. Thanks Caroline. I hope to see you soon too. At the next London Bloggers meet up?

  4. Anna, lovely meeting you today. what alovely blog you have :) Great magazine - will follow :) x


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