Monday 19 November 2012

An Evening with Holly Becker

Well I'm a little late in the day with this post but better late than never hey? I'm sure you have all heard by now that Holly Becker launched her new book 'Decorate Workshop' a couple of weeks ago.  The launch was hosted by Anthropologie on Regents Street (London) and I my friend Trinske (from Nordic Rose) and I were lucky enough to attend. Holly invited her BYW students to join her for a tea party (or rather a fizz and cake party) before the event. It was a great opportunity to finally meet Holly and other bloggers who I've grown to know so well 'virtually' over the last year. You can't beat meeting someone in person and they are all so friendly. I have to admit meeting Holly I felt a little bit star struck...well she is a star isn't she?!

It was such a fun and inspiring evening. Who'd have thought a bunch of bloggers could make so much noise! After the initial chit chats and plenty of cake (and boy were those cake slices big!) we sat down to an evening being entertained by Holly and her special guests Will Taylor from Bright Bazaar who interviewed Holly about her book and also American stylist James Leyland Day who spoke about his tips on styling your home. We learnt how Holly took a very personal approach to the book and used her friendly and down-to-earth teaching skills which she does so very well to get her readers to get to know themselves and style from the heart. 

Holly ended the night by signing copies of her wonderful book for us all. It really is lovely. The french fold jacket opens up into a fantastic poster of all Holly's favourite things which, as you can see below is now in pride of place above my desk.

I will do a full review on the book a bit later, I can't wait until I have half an hour to sit down and read it properly. In the meantime you can view an exclusive extract of the book here.

I also wanted to say it was a real honour to meet theses lovely ladies, Tiffany from The Curiosity Project, Anna from Betty and Frank, Charlotte from Anknel and Burblets, Yvonne from The Yvestown Blog, Kirsty from Me Plus Molly, Louise from 30's Magazine, Sinead from Crafty Fox Market, Gabs from Ink Paint Paper and Caroline from Trend Daily. There were lot so of others too but I'd be here all day if I listed them all. I hope to meet everyone again very soon. I am amazed how friendly and welcoming the blogging network is and really glad to be a part of it. 

All in all a fabulous evening. Thank you Holly for inviting me and also all your inspiration and for teaching me just about everything I needed to know to get to where I am now with my blog! I will cherish your book and hopefully one day soon I will have a new home which will need some Holly TLC. 


  1. HI Anna! I'm a fellow BYW student and am catching up on past due homework! LOL I love this post about Holly's book launch! Your pictures are beautiful - gives me a true feel of what it was like to be there in person! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm sure I can see the back of my head in there somewhere :-) Lovely post on the evening Anna.

    Hope to see you soon x

  3. Oh wow, you got to meet Holly and fellow BYWers! Fun evening! Thanks for sharing these photos!

    -Angeli from BYW

  4. Ooooh! I'm green! Thank you for sharing your evening with us...what fun.
    Sam (BYW)

  5. That must have been really cool seeing Holly in action. :)
    Thanks for sharing this evening. :)

  6. It was a lovely evening - and do good to meet you at last. Now I can really see the benefit of having your photo on your blog! I knew I recognised you :)


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