Friday 4 November 2011

Man Love: Movember

November is already 4 days in and I'm a little late with my Movember post, well better late than never! 

The month of November is better known as 'Movember' where men become 'Mo Bros' for 30 days by grooming, trimming and waxing their way to their very own Moustache Art. They are sponsored by their Mo Sisters and Mo friends to raise money for The Prostate Cancer Charity and The Institute of Cancer Research (in support of the two biggest male cancers, prostate and testicular cancer). 

Most of us know someone who has or has fought one of these cancers and everyone can play their part in supporting Movember. Visit the Movember shop to buy your pair of Movember Toms or Links of London Charms.  I've also done a round up of a few of my favourite moustache things below. So let's get busy sharing the man (and moustache) love!! 

1. Cushion by freekyfleece
2. Moleskin Notebook by finestimagery
3. Tote Bag by Gewwybeans
4. Hair Clip by yummypocket
5. Print from Bodie and Fou
6. Movember Toms
7. Necklace by Buysomelove
8. Charm & cufflinks by Links of London
9. T-shirt by redbrick
10. Vinyl Laptop sticker by dotvinyl
11. Wood ring by littlepeche
12. Fascinator by Crownandglory
You can read more about Movember here

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