Sunday 12 February 2012

Designer Love: Dana Tanamachi

I know, I am a bit behind with the times and the work of Dana Tanamachi. Design Sponge did an interview with her back in August last year and her wonderful cover for Oprah's O Magazine has certainly been doing the blog rounds lately. When I first came across her work I was so excited that I saved a collection of it in my blog folder with the intention sharing my love. Sadly too many other things took over and I completely forgot to share my new found treasure with you.  Luckily my friend Jo of Daisyspotter reminded me last week when she wrote her own post. Thanks Jo for reminding me!

Dana is a graphic designer and chalk letterer from Brooklyn, New York and one very talented lady. I am completely blown away by the incredible detail of her work. Chalk is such a hard medium to use (I remember having to write on the blackboard at school, it was never neat or in a straight line!), she makes it look so easy. 

I think the way she works is a real inspiration. Read about it in her interview with Design Sponge. I'd love to have a look at her notebooks, I bet they are magical. In her interview with idesign she tells how it all began with a doodle on a chalk board at a friend's house party . You see you never know when a little moment of creativity will unleash something amazing that will grow to become hugely successful and unique. I'm still waiting for my moment!

See more of Dana's work here.

All images are taken from Dana's website.

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  1. Oh, oh, oh! I love Dana's work so much! It's perfectly modern (but oh so vintage), just dreamy!
    Also, I was just tickled pink to see the handwritten badge when I clicked over here! Hooray!


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