Monday 12 March 2012

Colour (and foodie) Love: Pantone Tarts by Emilie de Griottes

I don't normally re-post and copy what someone else has post but with the name and nature or my blog, just this once I am going to. When the post from Jackie Magpie popped up in my feed this morning I had to share it. My fellow Pantone lovers and followers will really appreciate these Pantone Tarts! A very colourful start to a Monday morning. 

The tarts are made by French foodie Emilie de Griottes for a feature in the magazine Fricote. Aren't they amazing?! These take Pantone chips to a whole new level, especially if you spend hours obsessing over them like me! 

 All images are from here.
Emilie's website it truly lovely too, full of beautifully colourful food and delicious photography, definitely worth a look

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