Thursday 15 March 2012

Interior & Type love: Camberwell Beauty Wallpaper

Butterflies are one of my biggest loves in life so you can imagine how completely in awe I am of this new range of wallpaper from Mini Moderns. The new Spring Heart Home Magazine came out today and I just happened to turn the first page and there it was, the most beautiful mix of calligraphy and butterfly AND it's available for my walls. OMG! Swoon!

The wallpaper print is inspired by the rare species of butterfly the Camberwell Beauty and is the first in new range 'The Buddha of Suburbia Collection' launching in 2012 by Mini Moderns (based in Camberwell!). The decadent design reflects the Biba and Bowie era of the 1970s in a more modern, urban London. 
All images taken from Mini Moderns. Butterfly image from here.

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  1. Thnaks for the feature!
    keith at Mini Moderns


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