Saturday 22 October 2011

Autumn foot fetish

Top Right: La Wesley by Mary & Clarks
Botton Left: Maros boots by Duo
Bottom Right: Ash Buckle High-top Trainers from Red Direct

Autumn is pretty much upon us I am finding myself going through that new season 'I've got nothing to wear' feeling. My old faithful Converse All Stars too frail to survive another spin in the washing machine, not yet cold enough to bring out the Uggs but a bit chilly on the toes for flip flops and ballet shoes I found myself in dire need of some Autumn/Winter footwear. 

I have to say I have been a real sucker for the promotional emails this week. Firstly came the one from Duo showcasing their 'New in' Marcos boot which I fell in love with immediately and had ordered my pair within 10 minutes of reading the email. They were delivered this morning and I am so chuffed with them... love, love, LOVE them! Can't wait to run through some Autumn leaves with these babies. 

The next email came from Clarks (I admit I am a fan of Clarks shoes, must be something to do with my age and the comfort factor!) announcing their new 'Mary & Clarks' range, their collaboration with Mary Portas. I was a little bit dubious but wanted to satisfy my curiosity and went to check them out when I was passing the shop yesterday. Oops, I did it again and fell in love...La Wesley Gold leather court shoes AND with comfort cushion under foot. How perfect for the party season and some heals I might actually be able to bare wearing for more than 5 minutes. These will be next on my shopping list when the next pay check comes in!

And, last but not least are the utterly gorgeous Metallic Pewter Ash Buckle High-top trainers from Red Direct. I've had a beady eye on these for quite a while and each month the email arrives reminding me they are there, looking more beautiful than ever nagging me to buy them. These belong down at the pub on an Autumn Sunday afternoon with the log fires burning, Roast dinners and good friends laughing. These might be one for my Father Christmas list I think. 

Right now I'm off to have a play with the 'Design your own' All Stars at Converse.

My own creation from Converse

So, what will you be wearing on your feet this Autumn/Winter?  


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