Wednesday 19 October 2011

Le Chien et Moi, doggy chic!

Images 1, 2, 4 & 5 borrowed from Fabulous Places
On a girls shopping trip to Nottingham at the weekend I discovered probably the most amazing shop I have ever been to. Not only is it a lovely shop, but it's owned by a dog! (an extremely cute Basset Hound called 'Mulberry'). 

On entering the shop the dog bumbled over to greet us and promptly lay down on the floor to have it's tummy tickled. While wandering round the shop I felt a pawing on my leg and turned round to find the little dog sitting by my feet looking up at me and asking for some fuss. She obviously spotted a visitor with a HUGE love for dogs! 

Anyway, enough about the dog...The shop is called Le Chien et Moi. Designed like an old pharmacy and lined with vintage bookcases and tables it is filled with unusual and unique items. Vintage, recycled, handmade, whether for yourself, your house or a gift for someone else, you will definitely find it here along with lashings of nostalgia. I definitely recommend you take the time to visit if you are in Nottingham (it is a little bit off the beaten track) and make sure you are not in a hurry as you won't want to leave. If you aren't able to visit the shop, their rustic and tactile website is equally as interesting and cleverly designed by design agency Seismik.

Just a few doors up the hill from Le Chien is The Worm That Turned (great name and lovely logo which will be featuring in my Autumn mood board) a garden designers paradise. I'm not that in to gardening but I could be turned (no pun intended) if I spent long enough in this shop. 

Image taken from Three Sixty Six

Time to do some work and stop dreaming about shopping!!  


  1. These are great pics!! And I am loving your graphic design work :)

  2. Thank you Rebecca for your kind words and thanks for being my very first comment!! :-)

  3. its always the best to stumble upon AMAZING shops you never knew existed!! i love this!

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  6. Wow….this was great. There are some extraordinary talents out there. Thanks for sharing them.

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