Tuesday 25 October 2011

Book Love: The Good Life

I don't exactly call myself a great chef but it is my love of books and their design that often draws me to a cook book rather than the interesting recipes it contains. I recently came across The Good Life (Panmacmillan), a great cookbook by Australian celebrity chef Adrian Richardson ( La Luna Restaurant). The book focuses on homegrown and homemade and has been art directed brilliantly by agency A Friend of Mine to reflect this. Everything about it is raw, rustic and freshly made. I love the way actual food and different mediums have been used to form fun, handwritten typography. The attention to detail even goes as far as the bookmark being like a gingham table cloth! 

One of the things I love most about books is their smell and I bet this one smells divine, just looking at it makes me drool!

Read more about it here. Buy it here. 
All Images from A Friend of Mine
Photography by John Laurie
Food & styling by Simon Bajada

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